Q&A: How easily do Wigs fall off?

Question by Mr Daniel: How easily do Wigs fall off?
Say I was dancing, acting, jumping, messing around or in a windy situation..

Would a wig come off?

My hair is really short and I want it emo-ish like cool long style, so say I brought a wig. I work with the BBC Broadcasting and appear on TV Shows so would this wig come off then? Would this wig come off at school?

Please help with my question..
Is there anyway of making them stay on more..

Best answer:

Answer by Kae <3
HAHAHAHAHA! yea, if you were jumping around and bobbing your head all around, i would say that it probably would fall off. just be still and dont move around too much. and don’t swing your head around.

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One thought on “Q&A: How easily do Wigs fall off?

  1. bencar95

    Wigs fall off easily if not securely properly. It is best to get a wig from a professional store. You can your stylist who can direct you to buying the best one. Someone I know had the same problem and she consulted her hairdresser.


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