Q&A: How to buy a human hair wig?

Question by Jessie: How to buy a human hair wig?
what factors do you take into consider when you buy a human hair wig?

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Answer by Dick Alexander Lemons
shave someones hair in the middle of the night and the super glue it to a hat and wear the hat


theres inspiration

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  1. K.

    First I decide how much I’m willing to pay. Then I usually look into multiple different sellers that have the type of hair I’m interested in(straight/wavy/curly/ect). Then, I find a few from each seller that I like, and I compare prices. (I don’t have money for no $ 1000 wig)

    I look at the rates of the people, shipping prices, shipping times, and their feedback from other customers.

    Then I narrow it down to a few wigs, and from there make sure they have the colors I want, and if I want a full lace or front lace, I figure out which ones have that.

    I think about what I want the wig for, and then decide if I do want a full/front lace, or if I just want a regular, human hair wig.

    The last wig I bought was from a woman off of Ebay. I got the wig within a few weeks, and it was custom highlighted(which she does for free).

  2. Annabelle

    When looking to purchase a wig, consider its use and function in your life. The best quality wigs are made from human hair and require similar care, styling and attention to your own hair. When treated properly on a continued basis, they will survive a lifetime. Purchasing a human hair wig requires narrowing down several options and finding a dealer with whom you are comfortable.

    1)Seek out financial help if you are eligible

    2)Start with a wig catalog, some of which can be found online.
    3)Visit a store to try wigs on and see if they fit.
    4)Compare prices of several sellers once you have made a selection.
    5)Confirm any warranties and return policies once you’ve decided where to purchase the wig
    6)Check the store’s credibility before buying.

    IF you want to buy human hair wigs, i suggest you go to Uniwigs, an online wigs store, and have a look


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