Q&A: lace front wig queries?

Question by beckass108: lace front wig queries?
i get my lace front wig next week-do i need to get a wig cap even though my own hair is very very short? should i get a scalp coloured one or does it matter what color it is?

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Answer by Joy M
A wig cap is always a good idea as the lace part of the wig itself can rub against your scalp and damage your hair. It really doesn’t matter what color wig cap you get, it won’t be seen (hopefully).

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  1. Jazze_me06


    Wearing a wig cap is simply up to you. Most people choose not to wear one because the lace front wig is custom made to fit the contour of your head. So, do whatever you feel comfortable with.

    As for the color of the wig cap, most vendors use a neutral color of French Lace (Beige) so, it should compliment your skin. If you have a darker skin tone, you can always color it with tea.



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