Q&A: Need help on a wig…?

Question by ????????? ?????? (•?•): Need help on a wig…?
Okay so I need help. I’m trying to get a Naruto wig but I don’t know which one is good. Can you guys help me? =\

Wig #1

Wig #2

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Answer by Mandie
Neither of those wigs are very good. They are labeled for Naruto, but don’t actually look like his hair. I’ve ordered plenty of wigs before, so trust me on this one :p
Here are some much better wigs:

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  1. Rhapsody

    If you don’t want to go the ebay route, the first is by far the better of the two! The second one just looks… creepy… but it could just be the rapist-looking model. Regardless, the first could easily be spiked like those in being sold on ebay. And it’s a lot cheaper.


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