Q&A: Question about a BJD wig?

Question by wmu_90: Question about a BJD wig?
Is it possible to put streaks in a wig for a ball-joint doll? If so, how is it done? If not, where is a good place to find wigs that are like that? I’m interested in getting a blonde wig with black streaks in it. I wanted to double-check with someone before I bought a wig and messed it up. Thanks!

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Answer by cathugger
You cannot dye streaks into most BJD wigs because most are synthetics including synthetic mohair. If you buy a real mohair wig I guess you could dye streaks but I would still be wary of dye rubbing off on the resin.

Your best bets are:

1. Find a mixed-color synthetic wig that matches what you want. Hard but you could try here:

2. Get a custom lambskin wig – harder to keep on and keep looking nice, but she can add in patches of color or dye streaks:
If you want a short wig you could also consider custom fake fur wigs

3. Buy add-in little pieces of black hair streaks or make your own. You could probably find human ones in a beauty supply shop and maybe cut one to make lots of smaller ones, make sure the end of each is secure and poke them in through the wig cap of a blond wig. If you make your own from scratch, some Barbie re-wigging shops on the web sell various types of hair and get some black in the type you think would match your wig’s texture (probably synthetic mohair)

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