Q&A: Question about lace wigs?

by Tc7

Question by Lola A: Question about lace wigs?
Is a wig cap used to make the illusion that your scalp is showing under the lace wig? Do most lace wigs already come equipped with a layer that appears as your scalp? I’m wondering if I have to purchase a wig cap seperately from the wig itself.

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Answer by Flawless Touch
Lace caps come in many colors to match your scalp. However, if your are light complexion and have black hair, the black hair will be seen somewhat despite the lace color cap you choose. The lace color honestly benefits people with hair loss the most. If you have a full head of hair, my suggestion is to still try to match you scalp color with the lace and wear a wig cap that matches you scalp completion as well. It’s a better look. A wig cap also benefit you keeping the hair in place.

If you are looking for some great kit that comes with wig cap that will match you complexion. Come see us at our site. We have deluxe kits with various adhesive that all comes with wig caps. You can choose from black, brown, light brown, and beige. Good luck!!

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One thought on “Q&A: Question about lace wigs?

  1. Cynthia S

    dont get it looks like a wig! and everyone will notice it and its embrassing.. and there soooo damn expensive like $ 500+ dont get it and tha glue sucks and will come off like a day later and tha hair in the back will like never stay down dont get it they only look good on beyonce and ppl who has stylist for that stuff.. trust me dont get it


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