Q&A: Where is a place I can donate wigs?

Question by Paige: Where is a place I can donate wigs?
My sister bought two very expensive wigs for vanity reasons and I caught her about to throw them out when she was done with them. They are in almost new condition seeing as she hardly used them and I would like to donate them to somewhere where they can be given to cancer patients or someone in need of them. I am not sure where I can do this and would love some suggestions on where to donate them.

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Answer by Jessi Uhler
cancer wards, nursing homes, school drama/ theater departments. place an ad in your paper, or online. ask for anyone going thru a major illness/ treatments that have caused loss of hair and give them to someone personally to help boost confidence. feeling hopeless can lead to certain decline in health, but by feeling more human and pretty can bring them up enough to be a survivor.

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