Q&A: Why do light skinned black girls think they look good in blonde weaves or wigs?

Question by _ _ _ _ _: Why do light skinned black girls think they look good in blonde weaves or wigs?
They’re still black. It looks ugly an unatural.

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Answer by European
You mean American black girls… because Euro black don’t wear weaves as commonly.

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16 thoughts on “Q&A: Why do light skinned black girls think they look good in blonde weaves or wigs?

  1. 666

    ur probably a kid but for those really good looking sexy light skinned black girls, bronze or dark blond hair looks good on them, like the wet look, that’s right…

  2. iz

    if a female chooses to alter her physical beauty it solely her business and no one else’s. whatever the outcome she is the one who has to live with her decision.

  3. .

    I actually think some can get away with it without it looking unatural. It depends. I know of this one light skinned girl who has a blonde weave in her hair. She has natural blue eyes too so I think it looks right and also considering her complexion. She is very light so…yeah.

  4. ?..::T!ckle M3 P!nk::..?

    Oh yea..because I forgot that White people are the ONLY people in the world with blonde hair and they have sole ownership…. x}

    there are a lot of “minorities” with natural blonde hair…

    and it’s their preference to put blonde weaves on.. who are YOU to question what looks good ?

  5. siabelieva

    huh…I’ve seen more dark skinned women do that. Who said they think they aren’t black, anyway? What about all those dark skinned black people who get hazel and/or gray contacts and look like something out of a horror movie?

  6. Gossip Girl <3

    Pale white women look bad with black hair to me. Your point?? People can do WTF they want. Including kill you and get away with it. I wouldn’t, someone would.

  7. Truth hurtz

    Dude I don’t even know why some black women wear there hair like that. Shoot truth be told only some black women can pull it off Beyonc’e,Mary J. blige And Eve are the only ones I’ve ever seen that could do it and this also brings back memory’s to…. Ok so a few years back I was walking to my sisters house and I saw two REALLY…REALLY dark chocolate sista’s getting into there car and they both spoke to me and said “hey girl hows your mom doing?” and much to my surprise when I turn my head to see who was talking I saw two big long bright bleach blonde wigs and weave all up and threw both of there heads and what made things so much worse is they both were wearing bright blue “CHEEP A**” contacts that really did scare the hell out of me..And all I could do was say “hey Ms.Tasha…she’s doin good” But what I really wanted to say is take that wannabe Beyond Beyonc’e blonde wig of yo damn head…But she was a O.G so I couldn’t do that.


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