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Question by Dirty Numb Angel Girl: Wig care? [20 characters]?
I wear wigs quite often as my real hair is just so flat and boring and I dislike it.
But whenever I buy wigs they look good for about a month then they start to look fake, I try to brush them but it just makes them frizzy.
What are you supposed to do keep wigs in a good condition?

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  1. Doris H

    Buy the proper accessories to care for your wig. These include a wig brush, wig comb, wig stand, wig shampoo and conditioner, and various wig styling products. These are usually available in a beauty supply store or a wig store. Remove tangles with a wig brush and a spray wig conditioner.Remove shine by applying baby powder to the wig, then shaking excess power loose.Always comb or brush the wig starting at the ends, and not the roots. Store the wig in a closed space, such as a closet, at room temperature and on a wig stand.
    Wash your wig after every 12 to 15 wearings

    How to wash your wig-
    Brush the wig gently with a wig brush, getting rid of all tangles.Fill a sink with cold water.Add a capful (about 1 tbsp.) of wig shampoo.Place the wig in soapy water and swish it around with your fingers for a minute or two.Use a soft toothbrush to remove any makeup stains. Use a paste of baking soda and shampoo on stubborn makeup stains.Let the wig soak in the sink for about five minutes.Draw the soapy water out and refill the sink with clean, cool water.Rinse the wig until all the shampoo is removed. You may have to change the water a few times. Gently blot the excess water with a dry towel. Do not wring the wig out.
    Let the wig air-dry on a wig stand, or turn it inside out and lay flat to dry.
    Spray on a wig conditioner and style your wig after it has dried.

    Remember that it’s best if you do not use any heat source (including a blow dryer, a curling iron or hot rollers) on a synthetic hair wig. You may use these items on a human-hair wig.
    And don’t brush your wig with a regular comb!


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