-REAL – Widows Peak Wigs?

Question by thequietwriter: -REAL – Widows Peak Wigs?
I need a long black wig for a costume. I’m dressing as a specific character and she has a widows peak. I’ve been doing searches for wigs but have been unable to find any widows peak wigs that are genuine. They’re all just bangs cut to be shaped in the peak. I don’t want this. Do you know where I can find any long black wigs with a real widows peak for $ 30 or less?

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Answer by Queenie
I’ve never seen a wig with a true widows peak. However, you can make one. ^^

“There are a couple ways you can make a widow’s peak, but generally it involves adding on pieces to the existing hairline of a wig.

The way that I do it for my Axel wig commissions is to use two wigs (punky wigs are the ones I use). What I do is cut a triangular piece out of the “crown” of one wig that will be the widow’s peak from the existing hairline of your base wig to the tip of the widow’s peak. I make the Axel widow’s peak about one inch down from the base. Go longer for a more severe peak (but try measuring it from your own hairline).

After that I rip out a few extra wefts from the wig that I’ve already destroyed to sew along the edge of the piece I’ve chopped out to smooth over the raw edge. Then style as needed.

A different way to go about it is to get a sturdy fabric the color of your wig (a few layers of felt works as well), cut it in a triangle piece to sew to the front of the base wig. Before you sew it to the wig, sew on extra wefts of wig fiber to fill it in (make sure you get underneath to wrap over the edge of the peak). Style as needed.” (from the cosplay.com forums)

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