Synthetic and Real Hair Wig Care Questions?

Question by Leigh Kizziah: Synthetic and Real Hair Wig Care Questions?
(Questions about synthetic and real hair wigs)How often can I wash a wig? What kind of shampoo do I use? What can I use to style a wig? Can I use gel and hair clay to style a wig? Thanks

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I have no specific answer for this question, but I can tell you that youtube has all kinds of tutorials on ‘how to’ videos. If you just search wigs and what you are trying to do to it, I’m POSITIVE there will be a video of someone explaining how to do so. Good Luck !

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    For best results, wash your human hair wig in lukewarm water with some normal conditioner. You can use heat on human hair such as hair dryer, ceramic straighteners etc. If you want to colour your human hair wig, better to consult some hair specialists for more advice beforehand.

    And the synthetic wigs:
    You can comb them into place or use hairspray, but you should not use any heat on synthetic hair as you might melt the fiber. So don’t use a Hair Dryer please.

    More information you can refer:


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