Synthetic wig care help?

Question by OMG!: Synthetic wig care help?
I bought a Halloween costume wig for a costume. I really like the wig, it’s a mullet, but for some reason the back is very kinky. I want to wear it again, but I really would like for it to be straight like the rest. It’s synthetic, how can I do this cheaply?

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Answer by Momo
Get a rat-tail comb & fix it like that

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  1. Queenie

    Buy a foam wig head, a wide toothed comb, and some spray-in conditioner. Pin the wig to the wig head, put the wig head on a plunger (there should be a hole in the bottom) and carefully brush out any tangles. Once the wig is tangle-free, go boil some water. Take this water and pour it slowly over the wig. Once the wig is thoroughly soaked, spray in some of that conditioner and then CAREFULLY brush out the wig again. Try to avoid pulling too hard, as it will rip out fibers. Once done, get some more hot water and pour it slowly over the wig. Leave it alone for 2-6 hours to let dry. This should get rid of the kinks. However, it doesn’t work well on cheaper fibers.


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