Toi wig or not to wig?

Question by jrodr2001: Toi wig or not to wig?
I have curly long hair and it cost me a fortune to straighten it. My friend wears wigs and she told me to try one. I’m afraid that ppl will be able to tell it’s a wig or it might move or fall. Maybe that’s silly, what do you think?
Opps… bad spelling. Sorry.
I have tried flat iron, blow drying and relaxers.

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Answer by fresh_mizz
If you get a higher quality wig it won’t be as obvious for people to point it out that it’s fake. But with higher quality it’s more expensive.

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3 thoughts on “Toi wig or not to wig?

  1. Wendy

    I don’t think you should wig..ok here’s why. If your hair is already long it might be hard to conceal it all under a wig. I think that if you are unhappy with your hair you might look into something less expensive then straighting it. perhaps a cut or color?

  2. Lady D

    Visit your local salon and try on various wigs, they’ll be able to do your hair for you and give you advice, you just have to decide what looks best for you.

  3. summer time Mom

    have you ever tried to flat iron your hair? Or depending on your hair texture , have a relaxer put in it ?


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