Wearing a wig?

Question by Missie: Wearing a wig?
Did that get your attention? Back in “the day”, wearing a wig used to be a way to give your man “a different girl”, but not. I just thought about this today (yes it tells my age) and was wondering if anybody does this anymore. I haven’t really heard anything about it. Any thoughts – guys and gals?
bebedee – I really think that you’re name should be DDD, but who am I? I am only somebody asking a question that you didn’t even answer.

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Answer by Garylian
There are some fetish groups that like wigs, but for the most part, the only people that buy them are older women that have lost most of their hair (my mother is one of those) or tranvestites/cross-dressers.

Wigs have largely fallen out of favor, because while it might be neat for a single night, the hair doesn’t feel very natural, and they are hot to wear. Most women will just use a temporary dye that is a lot cheaper.

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  1. Britt

    Actually wigs are Very popular lots of people wear them. Even though i have hair i wear wigs so i don’t have to deal with my own hair all the time. Most popular types of wigs are half wigs and front lace wigs. hope that helped


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