what do you think about people wearing wigs?

by Tc7

Question by James: what do you think about people wearing wigs?
such as people without any diseases that causes hair loss
normal, every day people, wearing wigs

what would you think if you were running around in gym class, fell, grabbed for something, and it was someone’s hair, and when you stood back up, you reliased you were holding a wig, of that person. what would you think of that person?

what if that person was your friend or best friend?
would you ever wear a wig?

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Answer by mslovable
people wear wigs for a diff style.

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One thought on “what do you think about people wearing wigs?

  1. breathe.

    i would never wear a wig personally.
    i prefer my natural hair.
    but i wouldn’t think too much of it.
    i would be a little shocked sure.
    idk…if i didn’t know who it belonged to.
    i would just leave it there and probably not tell anyone.
    although since i’m almost never alone at school,
    thats impossible.
    if it was my friend or best friend i would try to make them feel as comfortable as possible and not worried.
    and not make a scene about it.


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