What do you think about using wigs instead of real hair?

Question by Rebecka: What do you think about using wigs instead of real hair?
I’ve always had problems with my hair, and recently I’ve considered just shaving my head and wearing a high quality wig (or several to confuse people, lol).

I am starting college and want to make the decision fast…What do YOU think about wigs?

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Answer by Lyn- mom and nana.
I think it is a wonderful idea. there are so many wigs in different length’s and styles and colors you could pick the style, color length you wanted you don’t have to shave your head unless you wanted to you could get it cut real short that way you wouldn’t have to wear a wig all the time. say you wanted to use a extension you could use one without having to buy a wig that was as long as you wanted it.just buy the extension .

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  1. Cat F

    I prefer them. Warning, it’s addictive 😉

    Remember, your decision isn’t going to be like anyone else’s (ours). If you do decide to wear a wig, you can just pick one, or many. I have friends who did bonding, which is basically to cover your hair (i.e. with a cap) and then glue the wig down so it doesn’t come off. This means you’d have it 24/7 and could wash and brush it just like it was your own hair. (I suppose it IS your hair at this point, just not what you were born with.). many prefer this method because it’s simple and the most natural. It also keeps your wig in place no matter what you are doing. It can last from weeks to months depending on how you take care of your hair, and the type you get, etc. You can sleep, swim, and do anything, though there are some steps to take if you decide to do all these activities.
    Another option is to make braids, wear a cap, and actually sew the wig into your braids. this will keep the wig in place without gluing, and requires a bit of different work than bonding. Braids also pull on your hair, but the wig will stay put.
    Less permanent options include glueless applications, which will look fine. This would allow removal or changing as you wish. If you shave, I’d still wear a cap to keep your wig from slipping, and to protect your scalp.
    My preferred method is to bond the cap itself, then I can wear whatever suits me. I like 24/7, but don’t wear my faves at night. I always have one on, but change after work along with my outfit, before bed, etc. If you get hooked, and as your collection grows, you can save older ones for sports, bath, swim, sleep, etc, and keep the best ones for daytime. At this point it becomes a fashion statement and a ton of fun.
    Before any of these, I’d suggest finding a shop locally and try them on, the internet is NOT the best place to start. How they are made is a BIG deal. I prefer synthetics, but there are lots of types of fibers, natural and otherwise. You need to look and feel them before you make your decision :)
    Even before I started having hair issues, I always thought wigs looked SO much better than real hair. When I discovered they were so much easier (for me anyway) to have, I never went back. no more bad hair days, ever. I ended up donating what I had left and cut the rest off. (and just like a cap in the summer time, they protect your head from the heat). I’m very happy, but it did take a while to reach this decision. Take your time :)

  2. Muneeb Niaz

    Great idea , i am feeling happy to ans your question, because i have better options to share with u just follow the source and enjoy the variations we offers here…


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