what is a full lace hair wig?

Question by Sara S: what is a full lace hair wig?
Is it a certain wig placed somewhere, orrr is it a wig sewed on orr? im confused, somebody know can help me answer my question and tell me more about them. Thanx

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Answer by Tanzania
it a regular wig like any other the only difference is where your forehead and wig met there is a thin layer of lace the hangs down then u take this clear hair glue and put on your forehead so when u put the wig on u cant tell that u have on wig because the lace blends with your forehead u see it all the time on t.v. mostly with black celebrities

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  1. Abi

    A full lace wig is a wig made out of a mesh like material called a lace. The lace is used as a canvas to individually knot single and double strands of hair that conforms into a natural looking full head of hair.

    Full lace wigs are natural, breathable and undetectable, and you can part them anywhere on the scalp. The advantage of using full lace wigs is that they provide more versatility with creating different hairstyles, and can be placed in a high ponytail. Full lace wigs are generally applied with adhesives around the perimeter of your hairline. However, there are other methods that can be used to apply lace wigs; such as sewing or attaching clips.


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