What to you think of the Democratic big wigs wanting Hillary to quit her race for President? Personally I?

Question by Paul B: What to you think of the Democratic big wigs wanting Hillary to quit her race for President? Personally I?
think it sucks big time!

If she would be allowed to have the votes that the voters in Florida and Michigan already gave her she would not be behind Obama but leading this race!

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Answer by Don’t let the facts confuse
Dems are not Dem.

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14 thoughts on “What to you think of the Democratic big wigs wanting Hillary to quit her race for President? Personally I?

  1. I love America So Much I Blew It

    No michigan and florida would not give her enough to be ahead, and if Obama was on the ballot in michigan he would have gotten about half those delegates.

    If you counted those states Hillary would have an additional 20 delegates or so.

    I think she should quit, but mainly because she’s just wasting peoples time and money -but hey thats her call

  2. Amber

    Hillary needs to dropout for the sake of the party. She can’t possibly expect the super delegates to overturn the will of the people and give her the nomination.

    Also Hillary signed a pledged early on acknowledging that Michigan and Florida would not count. So she can’t change the rules in the middle of the game.

  3. Sniper!

    Both Obama AND Hillary agreed to and signed their names to the rules re MI and FLA. Hillary now wants to cry foul and change rules AFTER the fact.

  4. Peabody

    Obama is the poster boy for the democratic party. The super delegate, the establishment of the party like Obama to win, and don’t like Hillary, a female, to be top of the ticket.

  5. Darling J

    Had she not signed the pledge along with all the other Democratic nominees, I might actually care.

    Hillary Clinton is not the victim here. (She’s led a divisive campaign from the beginning that foreshadows the kind of administration she would have if elected.)

  6. Thomas M

    I think people who support Obama are scared — and they should be. Nationally his numbers are looking worse and worse. There’s a good chance the supers will give the nomination to Hillary as it’s becoming evident he can’t win a general election.

  7. Sara love

    I think the big wigs are tired, and they feel against the ropes.

    IF a revote happened in MI, it would have been a revote. Obama asked Hillary to have her lawyers devise means to get a revote. Her lawyers proposed three solutions along with the MI legislature.
    There was even a proposal for a PRIVATELY funded revote, thus no money spent out of little Obama’s pencil thin hands. HE DECLINED that because it would not help him as MI would be a landslide victory for Hillary.

    Obama only agreed to a 50/50 split of MI delegates. Now, we in MI know that’s silly, why friggin’ bother?

  8. Jacob W

    These are Democrats. You can believe it is based on how the Democrat voters in their districts are polling. There is no honor or loyalty in this party anymore.



    It’s ironic that Howard Dean will rob 4 million US citizens in Florida and Michigan of their delegates and right to vote, but give 63 delegates to Puerto Rico for the DNC convention, knowing full well that the constitution bars Puerto Rico residents from voting in our elections because they don’t live in a state. I wonder how loud he’s going to scream this time when this blows up in his face. Jerk!

  10. Penny

    Just more of the “dog & pony show” being put on for our entertainment ( & to make us think we are actually having a say in this election).

    Demand paper ballots & open counting. !!!!!

  11. sayusayme

    This sounds alot like could of, would of, should of……

    I am not trying to be disrepectful to you, so please hear me out. As far as Michigan and Florida goes, they knew the rules at least 6 months in advance and so did Clinton. So please blame the DNC, not Obama or his supporters.


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