what was the average cost of a colonial wig back in the 1800s?

Question by libra: what was the average cost of a colonial wig back in the 1800s?
i am trying to figure out ABOUT how much a wig cost back in the 1800s. it doesnt have to be exact i can be a rage of numbers, for example $ 50-$ 400.
thank you!

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Answer by Sybaris
The Colonial Williamsburg site is a good one for 18th century living. Here, in a cost of living section, it says that a wig might cost £1 12s. 6d., about $ 145 in 2000.

Here’s an English site on costs in the 18th century, which gives the price of a wig at around 10s 6d – 1 15s.

Here’s some information from a modern visitor to Williamsburg.

We learned that only 5% of the people could afford to wear wigs.

Men generally had three wigs—a dark wig for daytime wear, a grey wig for business, and a white wig for evening. Women, on the other hand, had as many wigs as they could afford.

A minimal men’s wig cost 3 to 5 days’ wages. An average everyday wig costs 4 weeks’ wages—for that amount of money, a man could buy a small plot of land. For women, a wig cost between 3 and 12 months’ wages.

A judge’s wig cost about 60 pounds, which was the equivalent of 2 to 3 years’ worth of wages for a worker.


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