Where can I find a good quality braided wig?

Question by Tsuna Hitomori: Where can I find a good quality braided wig?
I’m looking for an braided auburn wig for cosplay, either online or in a store. I’d prefer it to be pretty long, but as long as its long enough to look nice with a braided pony tail it should be good. Also, I live in SE Nebraska, USA if that helps any.
Also, it can be natural or sythetic hair.

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Answer by Lucas
I understand that you are looking for a braided auburn wig for cosplay so suggest you to go for a synthetic. This would cost you less when compared to human hair wigs.

Your preference is for a online store in US, http://beautysassy.com/ should help you find the right wig. I believe there is sale going on so you can grab one at less price.

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