Where do you find cheap cosplay wigs?

Question by AnnaBananaX: Where do you find cheap cosplay wigs?
Hmm I would like to find some good cosplay wigs. I will buy online but I would rather not. Anyone no of any store all around america that will have good wigs???

And I was thinking of going to nobbies or maybe a theatrical shop…

So any sugestions?

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Answer by Allaiyah W
eBay or any costume store the week after Halloween.

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One thought on “Where do you find cheap cosplay wigs?

  1. sasorirox56

    Amphigory has a lot of good wigs. Often they already look like a characters. Plus you can style it yourself if you have experience. Only if you have experience. It’s harder then it looks.
    Unfortunately, most good wigs are online. A regular party color wig like pink is around $ 80 in a regular wig store.

    If you can’t find your wig online your next bet is a regular cosplay store.
    I don’t recommend CosplayMagic for wigs; Their Villeta Nu wig looks horrible, her hair isn’t friggen blue.

    I haven’t been to nobbies, but a theatrical shop might work if you’re doing like Sweeney Todd or someone like that I think.


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