Which wig? plz help! (cosplay)?

Question by Alexis: Which wig? plz help! (cosplay)?
Idk which wig i should buy for this character.

wig 1- http://www.ebay.com/itm/60-LONG-Straight-Bang-Black-COSPLAY-hair-wig-NEW-/151001598960?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Wigs_Extensions&hash=item2328658bf0

wig 2- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Heat-Resistant-FREE-SHIPPING-Black-1-2m-long-front-basic-cosplay-hair-wig-/190803315931?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Wigs_Extensions&hash=item2c6cc38cdb

I’m new to cosplaying and buying wig, so i don’t know much. so plz bear with me and thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Lanblade
Since you’re getting over a meter length wig…I wouldn’t buy a cheap one off ebay. It will tangle in 2 seconds and they never put enough wefts in. After 1 con and 1 night detangling–you’ll have a balding wig.

I’d invest in it. Arda-Wigs has the best quality wigs for your buck. They’re also crazy thick. Their top sellers are the black ones because they literally are the #1 seller for Homestuck wigs. You can see them at large cons too since they get a booth.

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