Why did people in the olden olden days wear wigs?

Question by .: Why did people in the olden olden days wear wigs?
especially white wigs?

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Answer by hypersquirrel
They still do wear them in courts.
They were to denote status.

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  1. bubblybat

    Wigs were worn for hygenic and asthetic purposes. Washing hair was not an easy or commong thing, it might only be done sporadically. Bathing was not a common thing, it was done sparsely. Oils and perfumes were used to cover smells. Bathing at one point was actually thought to be bad as it could wash away the protective dirt layer. In the early 1900s a woman washed her hair on average once a month.

    By wearing wigs people could shave their heads and not have to deal with oily and smelly hair. Also as bugs (lice) were a common problem a wig could be more easily deloused than real hair. And a bald head wouldn’t support bugs.

    Wigs did also denote status but that was more secondary. They quality of the wig was equated with status (real hair meant you had money and status). Horsehair less money and status. White wigs were powered wigs, this allowed the introduction of chearper horsehair type wigs without diminishing the status. It also made maintaining the wigs easier (throw some powder on it). However, as you can imagine, white powder was messy.


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