Why do a lot of black women wear wigs and/or hair extensions?

Question by Jennifer H: Why do a lot of black women wear wigs and/or hair extensions?
I hardly see a black woman with natural hair. Why? You don’t see this very much with white women.

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Answer by chris
Usually it is the ghetto women who have the hair extensions. To this day I have no idea why the ghetto ones must fall into the stereotype of wearing long hair extensions with off the wall coloring. Some cannot grow hair properly or don’t take the initiative to take care of it or some just flat out think its cute…Also, you may think white women don’t wear hair extensions lol. They usually spend more money on the more realistic looking hair instead of spending a few dollars to get it done quick.

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  1. afrodragonfly

    because they are programmed away from their true beauty and feeling of self-security. they know there is strength in our hair so they attack it with advertising and millions of resources just for us. and we survive. we are strong. natural beauty is here.

  2. Androidluvr

    I’m Black, and while I have hair coming back in, a lot of it fell out due to psoriasis… I had a bad flare last year. So, I wear a wig, I look okay now without it but I’m not really comfortable because it is a very short haircut on me. I like wearing a wig, but can do without it if the time ever came… I will stop wearing it when my hair gets to a length I’m comfortable with.

    You never know why someone is wearing a wig. Some do have natural hair, they just don’t want to flat iron it, color it, relax it, perm it and do other things to it that may ruin their hair. Some people just do it for fun, to change the color just for a day (or however long), to go for an interview, etc.

    People who wear extensions usually don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of long hair, and that is very understandable!

  3. Arenkay

    I am black, and I don’t wear extensions, but it could be because they want to see themselves with long hair. Apparently black hair is hard to grow (I’m mixed and have never had a problem). Supposedly it is considered more beautiful or something to have long hair.

    As for why black women don’t go natural, it is for any combination of 3 reasons, usually. 1. They believe they look prettier with their hair flat-ironed. 2. They believe society calls for straight hair (more likely to be hired, etc.). 3. They don’t know how to manage their natural hair.

    As for the wig, I’d say probably the same reasons as anyone else; they think a wig will hide some sort of imperfection, be it some sort of illness or simply that they didn’t feel like combing their hair that morning. I’ve actually seen both reasons come into play multiple times. There is also the fact that those relaxers and whatnot damage the hair, so it breaks off easier. When you leave it alone and moisturize it, it grows longer. Therefore, for those who cannot manage their natural hair, a wig serves their purpose until it gets long enough to straighten occasionally and have natural, long hair.

  4. ranay

    There is a lot of black women wearing natural hair nowadays than before, just look on Youtube. Also, these natural haired women whose probably sporting a very small afro probably want to wait until their hair is a little longer so it can be styled in different ways. That’s why some don a wig. Even the relaxed heads mostly hide their own hair under a wig for protective styling. Protective styles is easier because you are able to take care of the hair underneath (moisturizing, deep conditioning) without little to no manipulation like using heat, relaxing often, or dye it. If a woman takes good care of the hair under wigs or weaves consistently, they will able to obtain tons of growth.

    As for white women, I’m quite sure a good number of them wear extensions, the reason most are fool proof because it matches their natural hair texture which is mostly silky. Black women have a afro texture so it is better to buy hair that matches our own texture than some European silky hair at some beauty supply store, and unfortunately for some of these women, they aren’t fooling anybody with a silky hair weave.

    So I hope you understand there is MORE we have to do to our hair to keep it healthy and in some cases, long. Also don’t forget there are some women whose got a hair health condition like alopecia or has cancer so they wear a wig.


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