Why do Jewish Orthodox women wear wigs?

Question by Anna G: Why do Jewish Orthodox women wear wigs?
I know they aren’t supposed to show their hair to men other than family members but the questions is why wigs that look like real, styled hair? Is this any less attractive than real hair?

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Answer by moo
Jewish women cover their hair only once they are married, and it expresses that they are taken.

It’s not just wigs (known as sheitels) however, but many different styles. It varies on personal style and the woman. Other styles include tischels (scarves), hats and snoods.

It is also part of the guidelines for being tzniut or modest.
Here is an excellent video that does an awesome job of explaining the concept: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6bUAtrnHfU

As far as the sheitel is concerned: It depends on the quality of it really.

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