Wig frizz Help ME Please?

Question by xxteenage_wastelandxx: Wig frizz Help ME Please?
O.k So I bought this green wig.
Yes I know it’s a cheap one. I have real hair there was no need for me to go buy another persons hair.
Any who,

I’m guessing it’s made out plastic or something but it’s really frizzy and staticy.

Does anyone know what I can do to tame it a little?

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Answer by Chris B
that anti static spray for clothes

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  1. dougeebear

    Most wigs, especially costume wigs, are synthetic or plastic. Do not use any heat on the wig as it may damage the fibers. Steam is helpful to set curls, being careful not to burn the wig.

    A capful or less of Woolite in water will condition the wig. Try mixing some in a spray bottle and spraying the wig to condition it. You can also buy a spray-on synthetic wig conditioner.


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