Question by brunetteqt5135: wig??????????????/?
where can you buy a natural human hair wig for cheap?

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Answer by Siobhan
If there are any hair shops in your town…they usually give great prices on human hair wigs plus you get to try them on before purchasing them…to make sure they look good. And don’t worry…it’s sanitary (you have to put on a wig cap) I don’t know where you live but go to an area where the is a good amount of black people and go to a beauty store. They will have tons of wigs. Good luck :)

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  1. Dee Dee 24

    I have a stylist that custom makes hair peices and Lace Front wigs for less than $ 300. They look so real that they convince my closest friends. They are the wigs that all the celebrities are wearing. Anyone interested email hiredantere@yahoo.com with Any Quesyions. She is willing to help you out and accepts paypal.


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