Would a blonde cosplay wig look tacky with black eyebrows?

Question by Cat lover: Would a blonde cosplay wig look tacky with black eyebrows?
I have well groomed, but black, eyebrows. I am planning to cosplay as Misa Amane soon. This would require a blonde wig since my natural hair color is jet black and I don’t want to bleach it. I have experience with wigs and I know where to get good ones that look real for lowish prices, but I don’t know how a blonde wig would look with black eyebrows.

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Answer by °°se?breeze
Unfortunately, black eyebrows mixed with super blonde hair wouldn’t look that wonderful on anyone, no matter how beautiful their eyebrows were..
it’s just due to the contrast of light & dark.. it looks really unnatural and tacky..
however, why not put some pressed light powder/ makeup on top of your eyebrows to lighten them a little bit? Eyebrows are naturally about 2 – 3 shades darker then your hair colour anyway, so it would look great!!
Have fun:)

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2 thoughts on “Would a blonde cosplay wig look tacky with black eyebrows?

  1. Johnsdaives

    there are many factors which could affect you appearence, besides the eyebrows, you also need to consider your skin colour. i think you can try white,brown. i advice you to download a little sofware, photoshop. then you can put you own picture on it , and you can change you hair colour. In this way, you can really compare them by yourself with different colour. At last, you just choose favourate and suitable wig colour.

  2. Belphegor

    To be honest, it wouldn’t look horrific, but it wouldn’t be the next fashion hit. The two colors contrast in that one’s a light color while another’s dark (trust me, as an Asian, I’ve seen plenty of blonde hair-dying in my community…) so it causes a rather awkward look.

    You shouldn’t have eyebrows stop you from cosplaying who you want though. However, if you REALLY want to do something about the eyebrows, you could just have some of the wig hair cover it up. You don’t have to look EXACTLY like Misa Amane, straight to the hair direction.


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