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Eyelash Extensions BEAUTE Rroir Clear Lash Coating Essence Coating Sealer / Protective Longer Life Sealant

Eyelash Extensions BEAUTE Rroir Clear Lash Coating Essence Coating Sealer / Protective Longer Life Sealant

  • Specialized essence for eyelash extension
  • Coat extended eyelashes to stay longer
  • Volume : 10ml
BEAUTE Rrior LASH COATING ESSENCE is a specialized essence for eyelash extension to nourish damaged eyelashes after the extension, and also coat extended eyelashes to stay longer. Contains nettle extract and panthenol with rich vitamin and mineral to nourish eyelashes to shine and strong. [ingredient] [Nettle extract: Contains vitamin A & C, and mineral to nourish dry damaged eyelashes and make eyelashes shine and strong.][Witch Hazel extract: Sterilizing, antiseptic, and hydrating effect.][Pant

List Price: $ 10.97 Price: $ 10.97

Beaute Galleria – Bundle 11 Pieces of 22 Inches Multi-Colors Party Highlights Clip In Synthetic Hair Extensions

Beaute Galleria - Bundle 11pcs Rainbow Multi-Color 21 Inches Straight Party Highlights Clip In Synthetic Hair Extensions Cosplay Comic Con Halloween Costume

  • Beaute Galleria is a registered trademark of Beaute Galleria LLC and is exclusively distributed by Beaute Galleria. Beaute Galleria trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.
  • Package includes: One set of 11 pieces of multi-colors clip in synthetic hair extensions.
  • 11 fun colors: Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Violet, Green, Grey, Beige. (NOTE: Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image.)
  • Length: Approx 21-22 Inches. Width: Approx. 1 Inch.
  • Quality clip-in hair extensions, affordable and instant 'highlight' without chemical treatment!
Fluorescent, multi-colored clip-in hair extensions bring style and excitement to any hairstyle or outfit. Clip-in hair extensions come in various colors of your choice, with long length enabling you to have a custom look anytime. They are temporary; you can apply and remove them whenever you want. Clip-in hair extensions do not cause hair thinning or hair damage, as they do not pull hair much. Have fun trying out the different combinations with different looks! Single-Clip Hair Extension STEP 1:

List Price: $ 25.99 Price: $ 5.99

RY US Store! New 50 Pairs Good Quality Under Eye Pad Patch Lint False Eyelash Eye Lashes Extension Tool A78

  • 50 pairs eyelash individual lash extension tools supply medical tape
  • This is must have accessory for the application of eyelash extension
  • Use these to tape down the lower lashes or to tape fluttering eyelids before eyelash extension application
  • Each Pair Is Individually Wrapped. Eyelash extension suppliers for professional lash technicians
  • Size: 7cm x 2.8 cm each tape.
Instead of using surgical tape or even cellophane tape to hold down lower lashes ,the collagen eye patches are used during the eyelash extension process for client comfort.
These Eye patches stimulate the skin's collagen to brighten the skin under the eye during the eyelash extension treatment.
The Firming and Brightening Eye Patch uses the patented technology that slowly releases moisture and nutrients to your eye area by harnessing the warmth of your skin.
As a result,

List Price: $ 19.36 Price: $ 19.36

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