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Donald Trump Wig – #1 Quality Wind-Tested Replica Wig – HAIRSPRAY NOT INCLUDED

Donald Trump Wig Costume - #1 Quality Wind-Tested Wig - HAIRSPRAY NOT INCLUDED

  • #1 REPLICA DONALD TRUMP WIG - Just add Hair Spray and comb it back!
  • AMERICA AMERICA AMERICA - Make It Great Again!
  • BE THE MAN THIS HALLOWEEN - You know business, be the President of the United States!
  • YUGE - You wear this wig, YUGE things are going to happen.
  • BEST VALUE, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you're not satisfied, just return it.
This Donald Trump hair is recommended for kids and adults of all ages. It's a must have for those interested in:

1) Making fun of Donald Trump
2) Hosting Donald Trump themed parties
3) Commemorating the 2016 USA Presidential Election
4) Using it as a tissue to wipe away your tears of frustration at the state of events
5) Washing your dishes

In order to achieve optimal Trumpness please follow the below tips/instructions:
1) Apply hair-spray - A LO

Price: $ 18.99

Kids Bieber Fever Wig

  • Includes wig
.x{color:#83C22D;margin:0px;font-size:12px}.y{color:#A56EBA}KIDS BIEBER FEVER WIGCostume Wigs(Item #WIG1373)Includeswig It is an officially licensed product. A nice Justin Bieber Fever Wig in a kids size.


Donald Trump and the Wig of Evil

Donald Trump and the Wig of EVIL

In the 2016 United States Presidential election, Donald Trump changed from being a loudmouthed, celebrity wildcard to a serious contender. How did he do this?Is it possible there was something else pulling the strings? Something more sinister, evil, hairy...

List Price: $ 15.00 Price: $ 19.73

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