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Portable Wig Stand – 3 Pack – Pull Apart, Lay Flat Travel and Drying Head – Promotes Airflow For Quick Dry – By Dini Wigs

Portable Wig Stand - 3 Pack - Pull Apart, Lay Flat Travel and Drying Head - Promotes Airflow For Quick Dry - By Dini Wigs

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The durable yet lightweight design makes this the perfect wig stand for preserving the style, shape and form of your wigs so they always look good as new.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: If you travel this wig stand is perfect for you. You can easily pull the stand apart into 3 pieces so they will lay flat in your luggage and it's very easy to reassemble.
  • QUICK DRYING TIME: Our stands are perfect for drying your wigs for proper maintenance. The innovative design of this stand allows for even airflow for quicker drying & odor elimination.
  • USE WITH LONG & SHORT WIGS: We have designed our wig stand to accommodate most wigs. At 19 inches tall you can use this stand for wigs of all sizes, no matter how long or short.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: The avid wig wearer and collector can never run out of accessories to ensure proper care for their wigs. Give this thoughtful gift to the wig enthusiast in your life.
Wigs are a fantastic accessory that can help you to change your look and spice things up! Throwing on a new wig is like saying hello to brand new you. But without proper maintenance, even the best wig can wind up making you look more drab than fab.Dini's Wig Supply's durable wig stands keep your wigs in tip top shape so you'll always look your absolute best.About This Product- Durable Pull apart Wig Stand
- Disassemble and Assemble in Seconds
- Lays Flat
- Perfect For Travel And Drying

List Price: $ 18.49 Price: $ 18.49

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Lonris LONG LASTING Volume Individual Eyelash Extension Glue 5 ml – Professional Advanced Semi-Permanent Lash Adhesive Bond| 1-2 Seconds Drying Time – Black | 7-8 Weeks Bonding | Very Strong Retention

STRONGEST Professional Individual Eyelash Extension Glue 5 ml | Lonris Extra Strong Semi Permanent Black Adhesive Eye Lash Bonding Supplies | 1-2 Seconds Drying Time | 7-8 Weeks Retention | Latex Free

  • ★LONG LASTING AND EXTRA STRONG: Lonris Volume advanced Ultra+ adhesive is premium quality glue and extremely strong with the longest retention period on the market of semi-permanent eyelash extension glue. Our glue lasts up to 7-8 weeks.
  • ★QUICK DRY TIME: Advanced eyelash supplies glue is based on the cyanoacrylate with low fume and has super quick drying time of 1-2 seconds. This adhesive is ideal for individual eyelash extension and can be used by PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIANS ONLY!
  • ★SEALED PACKAGE WITH GLUE NEDDLE: We packed the glue in the safe sealed package with silica gel where air and moisture can't get in to the bottle and it helps to extends the life of the adhesive. Red needle will protects the adhesive from drying out.
  • ★SAFETY & QUALITY : Lonris Adhesive is FORMALDEHYDE-FREE and LATEX-FREE, ultimately protecting both you and your client. It has been tested and approved to medical standard ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ITQA approved.
  • ★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We stand behind our products and want every single interaction you have with us to be easy and trouble-free. However, in the unlikely event that you do have an issue, everything we sell is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Just contact us and we do our best to make it right. We're always looking for new ways to improve.
WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT FOR SELF APPLICATION !!! IT MAY CAUSE EYE IRRITATION OR BURNING. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!!! STORAGE AND USING CONDTIONS: Optimal temperature for the glue is 65-80F (18-27°C) with humidity 50-70% Do not put it in the fridge to prevent condensation After using make sure you clean the nozzle and close the cap tightly Store the adhesive in our safe silver bag with silica gel Air have to be removed before closing the bag Keep it in a dark place CHARACTERISTICS: Dry

List Price: $ 39.99 Price: $ 32.97

EXTRA STRONG Eyelash Extension Glue Stacy Lash 5 ml / Maximum Bonding Power / Professional Black Adhesive / Drying time – 1-2 Seconds / Retention – 7 weeks

EXTRA STRONG Eyelash Extension Glue - Stacy Lash 5 ml / 1 Sec Drying time / Retention – 7 weeks / Maximum Bonding Power / Professional Use Only Black Adhesive / for Semi-Permanent Extensions Supplies

  • ★ EXTRA STRONG - thanks to the new advanced formula this eyelash extension glue has an incredible retention power, with eyelash extensions lasting up to 7 weeks. Strongest bonding and longest retention period on the market. This lash extension glue is the best choice for advanced lash extension stylists.
  • ★ FAST DRY TIME - 1-2 seconds. This eyelash adhesive has been designed for highly skilled lash artists, with fast dry time adding to speed of eyelash extension procedures. It works just as well in high humidity (RH 50-70%)
  • ★ SEALED PACKAGE and GLUE NEEDLE - we take care of our clients, having packed the Stacy Lash Extra Strong eyelash extension glue in a special sealed package with silica gel and red glue needle inside to preserve maximum glue freshness before it is opened and significantly extend the life of adhesive after bottle opening (up to two months)
  • ★ QUALITY ASSURANCE - Stacy Lash glue is LATEX-FREE. We protect you and your clients by providing products of only the highest premium quality, which complies with the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • ★ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - if you are not 100% satisfied, just contact us and we will do our best for you. The mission of the Stacy Lash brand is to provide the eyelash extension experts with superior quality and premium grade materials to give ultimate highlight to the beauty of the eyes of your clients.

WARNING: DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT FOR SELF-APPLICATION, THIS MAY CAUSE EYE IRRITATION OR BURNING. ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL USE. NOT SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE PEOPLEDrying time: 1-2 seconds Lasting time / retention: 7 weeksColor: Black Volume: 5 ml / 0.17 FL OZ Best eyelash extension environment conditions: 70-74F (21-23C), humidity RH 50-70%Recommended Remover: Stacy Lash Gel RemoverRecommended Pre-treatment: Stacy Lash PrimerCAUTION: - For professional use only. Never use this product for self-appl

List Price: $ 25.00 Price: $ 21.99

Eyelash Extension Glue SKY S+ (5 ml), Fast Drying Time – 1-2 Seconds, Extra Powerful & Strong Adhesive, Retention Time 6-7 weeks, from Stacy Lash

Eyelash Extension Glue SKY S+ / Extra Powerful Strong Black Adhesive / 1-2 Sec Drying time / Retention - 7 weeks / Professional Use Only Black Adhesive / Semi-Permanent Extensions / by Stacy Lash

  • ★ Sky S+ Eyelash Extension Glue / Adhesive has Fast Drying Time - 1-2 SECONDS. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Never use this product on your own with individual lashes, Cluster or Strip lashes. This lash extension glue is for advanced lash stylists. NOT FOR SELF-APPLICATION
  • ★ This powerful glue for eyelash extension has amazing retention period (bonding) - 6-7 WEEKS. This glue is one of the strongest bonding adhesives available on the market. Your clients will feel like they are really getting the best lashes when they last a long time
  • ★ Sky S+ is a LATEX-FREE adhesive produced under ISO quality management standards. The perfect choice for skilled professional eyelash extensions artists
  • ★ Eyelash Extension Glue Sky S+ is ideal for high skill and fast hand technicians due to its fast drying time. Try it and make sure it is high quality product
  • ★ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- If you are not 100% fully satisfied, just contact us and we do our best to address your concern. Stacy Lash Store is OFFICIAL lash extension SUPPLIER and DISTRIBUTOR of trade mark in the USA. Make sure the item is sold by 'Stacy Lash Store' to receive GENUINE Product

WARNING: USE FOR SELF-APPLICATION IS PROHIBITED! THIS MAY CAUSE EYE IRRITATION AND BURNING. IF IT OCCURS, PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. SEEK A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST FOR APPLICATION OR ADVICE BEFORE USE. NOT SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE PEOPLE. High quality professional Korean Sky S+ eyelash glue. ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.Stacy Lash Store is official SKY glue supplier and distributor in the USA. This eyelash extension glue has very fast drying time - 1-2 Seconds and amazing bonding (retention) period

List Price: $ 21.99 Price: $ 16.99

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Wigmate Over Door Multiple Wig Stand/Hanger + Shower Base for No-Mess Drip Drying

Wigmate Wig Stand, Portable Wig Stand, Wig Dryer

  • The Over Door Hanger discreetly stores multiple wigs behind any door.
  • Transfer the arm from the Door Hanger to the included Adhesive Base to drip dry your wigs in the shower or even over a tub or sink avoiding the watery mess.
  • Maintain your wigs style and integrity while keeping your wigs discreet and saving valuable space that ordinary Styrofoam heads and wig stands take up.
  • The unique "W" hanger allows for air to circulate better during drying to provide a quicker drying time.
  • Works with every wig type due to the versatility of the arm allowing wigs to be hung upside down or right side up and is especially great for longer wigs.
Stores your wigs discreetly behind a door while maintaining the style and integrity of the wigs. Includes an adhesive base that can be use for convenient storage placement or placed onto the wall of a shower, tub or sink for drip drying. The arm easily transfers between the Over Door Wig Hanger and the Adhesive Base. Wigs can be hung upside down or right side up depending on your preference. It's the perfect solution for storing and drying a wigs. Also works great with Hair Extensions and Weaves

List Price: $ 16.95 Price: $ 16.95

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