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King’s Fall: Moryan Chronicles Book 1

King's Fall: Moryan Chronicles Book 1

The Kali Yuga has already begun. It is 327 BCE. The reviled emperor Mahendra Nanda treacherously invades one of the last free kingdoms of Jambu Morya after assassinating their king under a banner of peace. Arjuna, the crown prince of Morya, retaliates by invading the Magadhan capital of Pataliputra and executing the emperor in his own palace; but his vengeance bring to light a dark secret. The empire itself is servant to a greater power, a power that few even know to exist the Temple of Sorcery,

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King’s Fall: Book One of The Moryan Chronicles

Cici vs Cora: Short Fall Ready Wigs By Model Model

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Q&A: How easily do Wigs fall off?

Question by Mr Daniel: How easily do Wigs fall off?
Say I was dancing, acting, jumping, messing around or in a windy situation..

Would a wig come off?

My hair is really short and I want it emo-ish like cool long style, so say I brought a wig. I work with the BBC Broadcasting and appear on TV Shows so would this wig come off then? Would this wig come off at school?

Please help with my question..
Is there anyway of making them stay on more..

Best answer:

Answer by Kae <3
HAHAHAHAHA! yea, if you were jumping around and bobbing your head all around, i would say that it probably would fall off. just be still and dont move around too much. and don’t swing your head around.

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During the summer when we go to amusement parks would her wig fall off?

Question by EternalDisgrace: During the summer when we go to amusement parks would her wig fall off?
This summer me and my girlfriend wanna go to lake compounds and the confusion question we both have is will her wig fall off? Is there a way to prevent her wig from falling off? Any accessories? Keep in mind the roller coasters goes fast and some of them go upside down. Would her wig fall off and make her embarrassed? She has not much hair and she doesn’t like when her hair is below shoulder length it makes her feel awkward. She’s a girl she likes long hair. :] Help would be helpful. Anything?

Best answer:

Answer by Lili
Women used to wear silk scarves over their hair and tied under their chins to keep hair from getting mussed in high winds and so forth. That’s a solution. A scarf worn that way and with sunglasses could look quite chic, and it would hold her wig on.

Scroll down to the Audrey Hepburn picture on the site below to see the look I mean. The second site shows some other examples.

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