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GEL REMOVER for Eyelash Extension Glue Stacy Lash 15 ml / Fast Lash Adhesive Dissolution time – 60 seconds / Aquamarine Color and Pleasant smell

GEL REMOVER for Eyelash Extension Glue Stacy Lash 15 ml / Fast Lash Adhesive Dissolution time - 60 seconds / Aquamarine Color and Pleasant smell

  • ★FAST ACTION - from 60 seconds - the Stacy Lash Eyelash Extension Glue Remover has new super active power formula. It will dissolve lash adhesive just in 60 seconds, offering quicker and more efficient lashes removal, while making your work with the clients even more time-effective and easier. The strong solvent will quickly remove even most steadfast types of eyelash extensions glues.
  • ★GEL FORMULA - prevents spreading of the product and contact with the eyes of your clients, it's easy to control. It takes a small amount of lash glue remover to remove eyelash extensions, saving the product, which will last for long.
  • ★PLEASANT COLOR and SMELL - will make your work even more enjoyable. The remover gel has aquamarine color. No more unpleasant odors from eyelashes glue removers.
  • ★QUALITY ASSURANCE - we guarantee the highest quality of Stacy Lash Gel Remover for Eyelash Extensions. We protect you and your clients, offering only premium quality products that conform with the standards ISO 9001:2008/KS Q ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 14001:2004/KS I ISO 14001:2009
  • ★ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - if you are not 100% satisfied, just contact us and we will do our best for you. The mission of the Stacy Lash brand is to provide the eyelash extension experts with superior quality and premium grade materials to give ultimate highlight to the beauty of the eyes of your clients.
Adhesive dissolution time: 1-2 minutes Color: Aquamarine Volume: 15 ml / 0.51 Fl. Oz. HOW TO USE: - For professional use only. Use in well ventilated areas. - Removal of eyelash extensions must be done by professional beauty experts only and requires a very minimal amount of the remover gel. - Apply gel remover for eyelash extensions on the base of extensions (about 1 mm from the base) and wait about 60 seconds. Prevent contact of the eyelash extension glue remover with the eyes. - Clients mu

List Price: $ 23.00 Price: $ 18.99

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Eyelash Extension Glue SKY S+ (5 ml), Fast Drying Time – 1-2 Seconds, Extra Powerful & Strong Adhesive, Retention Time 6-7 weeks, from Stacy Lash

Eyelash Extension Glue SKY S+ / Extra Powerful Strong Black Adhesive / 1-2 Sec Drying time / Retention - 7 weeks / Professional Use Only Black Adhesive / Semi-Permanent Extensions / by Stacy Lash

  • ★Sky S+ Eyelash Extension Glue / Adhesive has Fast Drying Time - 1-2 SECONDS. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Never use this product on your own with individual lashes, Cluster or Strip lashes. This lash extension glue is for advanced lash stylists. NOT FOR SELF-APPLICATION
  • ★This powerful glue for eyelash extension has amazing retention period (bonding) - 6-7 WEEKS. This glue is one of the strongest bonding adhesives available on the market. Your clients will feel like they are really getting the best lashes when they last a long time
  • ★All ingredients of Sky S+ adhesive are medical approved. Sky S+ eyelash glue is FORMALDEHYDE-FREE and LATEX-FREE. The perfect choice for professional eyelash extensions artists
  • ★Eyelash Extension Glue Sky S+ is ideal for high skill and fast hand technicians due to its fast drying time. Try it and make sure it is high quality product
  • ★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- If you are not 100% fully satisfied. Just contact us and we do our best. Stacy Lash Store is OFFICIAL lash extension SUPPLIER and DISTRIBUTOR of trade mark in the USA. Make sure the item Sold by 'Stacy Lash Store' to receive GENUINE Product.

High quality professional Korean Sky S+ eyelash glue. ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.Stacy Lash Store is official SKY glue supplier and distributor in the USA. This eyelash extension glue has very fast drying time - 1-2 Seconds and amazing bonding (retention) period - 6-7 Weeks. Volume: 5 ml Color: Glossy BlackThe best conditions for eyelash

List Price: $ 18.99 Price: $ 15.99

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BADASS Strongest Bond Eyelash Extension Glue By NIKKILASH – Professional Grade Adhesive, Fast Dry Time, 2-3 Seconds, and Extra Strength Bonding, 5-7 Weeks. Powerful & Strongest Bonding Glue (5 ML)

BADASS Strongest Bond Latex-Free Eyelash Extension Glue By NIKKILASH - Extra Strength Bonding Ingredients Found In Medical-Grade Adhesives - Strong Hold Up To 7 Weeks & Fast Dry Time 2-3 Second - 5ML

  • ADVANCED INGREDIENTS FOR STRONGEST BOND - Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate properties are a family of strong fast-acting adhesives for industrial, and medical uses. Hence, NikkiLash Badass One adhesive offers the strongest retention of up to 7 weeks and a very fast dry time of between 2-3 seconds.
  • A FORMULA LIKE NO OTHER - Experience the full benefits of our NikkiLash Strong Eyelash Extension Glues. The Badass One adhesive contains a flexing agent that is very gentle to keep from causing damage to your clients' natural lashes. Our lash extension glue also contains a rubber component to increase flexibility and retention. Perfect for both Volume and Classic Lashing as well as Flat Lashes.
  • STRONG HOLD 2X LONGER THAN OTHER BRANDS - NikkiLash solved the most common problem with eyelash extension glues - longevity and wear. The Badass One Professional grade lash extension glue offers improved performance in faster, stronger bonding time available for eyelash extensions on the market today. Your clients will love you more because they are only required to have their touch-up, not 2, but every 5 weeks.
  • POWERFUL, SAFE & CRUELTY-FREE - We focus on bringing together the best quality ingredients for your clients' lash extensions. All of our lash extension glues are Latex-Free, and Formaldehyde is not an added ingredient in any of our NikkiLash Badass adhesives. It's waterproof and in glossy black color, adding the illusion of fuller look to your clients' lashes.
  • OUR CUSTOMER REVIEW AND FEEDBACK - We love to hear what our customers have to say! - I am quickly falling in love with this brand. Quality products all around.. Nikki's glues are absolutely the best on the market, and I am amazed at the pricing. Comes with careful instruction and packaging to get the product to last the longest possible time. -R Joye
NIKKILASH BADASS ONE ADHESIVE is made using the same ingredients found in medical-grade adhesives. Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate properties are a family of strong bonding, and fast-acting adhesives on the market today. The sets (dry) time is fast, 2-3 seconds, and powerful strong bonding (hold time) last between 5-7 weeks. Important Facts: FOR LASH PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Shake well before use, about 30-60 seconds. Wipe clean nozzle with a clean cloth prior closing the cap. Store

List Price: $ 29.95 Price: $ 29.95

*New* ALLURING ELITE Bond Glue 5ml Eyelash Extensions Strong & Fast Adhesive Reviews

*New* ALLURING ELITE Bond Glue 5ml Eyelash Extensions Strong & Fast Adhesive

  • This ALLURING ELITE Bond glue has fast drying time of 1-2 seconds . It's only for professional use because of the quick drying time you can move quickly without the lashes getting stuck together.
  • This glue offers strong bonding power and drying power. The setting time is very fast & the bonding time is up to 5-8 weeks with proper application & client care. We also carry 10ml bottle in our store.
  • This glue is not good for sensitive clients and it is not recommended for beginners due to its high fumes & quick drying time.
  • All sales are final. We do not accept returns due to health & sanitary reasons. Do your research or email us if you have any questions about the products before you purchase
  • This is for 1 ALLURING ELITE Bond glue- 5ml
Characteristic Of This Glue * Strong Bond- High Fumes * Setting Time: 1-2 Seconds (instantly) * Durability: 5-8 Weeks * Consistency: Liquid - Watery * Color: Glossy Black * Origin: Made In Korea * Shelf Life: 6-8 Months

List Price: $ 27.99 Price: $ 23.99

Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray 33.8oz

Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray 33.8oz

  • Salon Professional hair care product
  • 100% Genuine

Fast Drying Sculpting Spray medium hold finishing spray gives body, control, and shine. Medium, flexible styling resins and our Activated Botanical Blend of algae, aloe, jojoba, henna and rosemary enhance shine and add body with memory Working Spray. Easy

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