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Judge Costume Reviews

Judge Costume

  • Expedited Until 7pm EST Wed. to arrive by Fri. or Sat.
  • Complete 3 Pc Set With Gavel and Wig
  • Wig Sewn in 3 realistic panels
  • Robe fits up to 44 jacket size
  • Molded Plastic Gavel Approx. 10"
Throw the book at guilty criminals with because you know they did it. You be the judge with this complete 3 Pc. Costume. This great costume comes complete With our Economy Judge Wig, Black Robe and Economy Plastic Gavel for your judge or barrister fun. Robe fits up to chest size of 58". Gavel is Approx. 10 inches long, made of molded brown plastic. Plastic Gavel Only, No Block Included. Item is for costuming use only, do not attempt to bang item on hard surfaces or the heads of criminals. •Sta


Kangaroo Costume Wigs – Colonial Judge Wig; White

Kangaroo Costume Wigs - Colonial Judge Wig; White

  • Colonial Judge Wig by Kangaroo Manufacturing
  • One Size Fits Adult Men, Bigger Kids & Teens
  • White Judge Wig; Halloween Wig - Great Costume Wig
  • Halloween Wig; One Of Our Favorite Costume Wigs
  • White Wig; Wigs For Colonial Costumes & Wigs For Costume Choices
Judge Wig Halloween Costume Wig; Out of All the Wigs For Costume Choices, This Is One Of Our Favorite Costume Wigs

List Price: $ 11.95 Price: $ 11.95

Rubie’s Costume Retro Judge Wig

Rubie's Costume Retro Judge Wig

  • Synthetic fiber costume wig
  • Instantly recognizable barrister's hair piece
  • One size fits most teens and adults
  • For best results remove from packaging and style before wearing and be sure to store dry
  • Rubies' collection represents more than six decades of bringing you quality products, innovation and value for every costume occasion
With over 5 decades as the world's leader in costumes and accessories we take seriously the mission to make dressing up fun. From witches and pirates to vampires and zombies, from graceland to galaxies far, far away, we know that the Rubie's costume collection will inspire you to a bigger and better Halloween season Mascots, rental quality costumes, masks, wigs, accessories, shoes, and every significant licensed costume you want to wear can be found under the Rubie's brand. Still family owned, s


Judge Costume Wig

Caught on tape: Judge wigs out, threatens Free Keene guy

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