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Q&A: Wig help for Tate Langon cosplay?

Question by Jo: Wig help for Tate Langon cosplay?
Anyone cosplayed him?
Because I’d looove to cosplay this guy: http://25.media.tumblr.com/3efbf6d20c555779077fb77ca5f307a4/tumblr_mvcou30e8u1qda813o1_500.jpg
but I can’t really find a good wig… I know that I could use for example a wig made for Hetalia Germany, but every wig I’ve seen just looks kind of.. wrong. Not natural. Do you know any quality wigs with an-OK-price that could go for him? Or just wigs that look like they’re quality?

Oh, and if you know any online tips on stylizing wigs it’d be nice if you could link something here (the hairstyle for the character I linked earlier) because I’ve never really tried to actually do anything with my wigs and I know that I will probably have to do that this time, since I’d like to make the wig look as natural as possible.-

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