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Luxurious Wig Securing Headband by Wicked Pixie (Black)

Luxurious Wig Securing Headband by Wicked Pixie (Black)

  • Comfortably holds wigs securely in place. Wicked grip!
  • **Wear covering the hairline / above ears, with or without wig cap **
  • Prevents headaches, itching, and hair being pulled by wig.
  • No tape, glue or clips necessary.
  • Easy to use, and adjustable to fit your personal needs.
Tired of itching, scratching and pulling caused by your wig shifting around?

Wicked Pixie wig headbands use soft and stretchy velour that keeps your wig comfortably in place all day long. Available in a range of colors to be discreet. Wear covering your hairline

Price: $ 19.99

How to Wear Wigs : Securing a Wig to Your Head

How to use pins to secure a wig; get professional tips and advice on methods, techniques, and products for buying and wearing wigs in this free beauty video….

Quick Tip: Securing Wigs Without Glue/Tape

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