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I Wear a Wig Reviews

I Wear a Wig

When life seems to take a turn on the road of happiness, about-to-be-teenager Mia starts noticing weird mood swings, anger, and compulsive actions that lead to suicidal behaviors. In the meantime, she finds the love of her life, Miles Carter Ellenberger, who shows her a new world, which starts to crumble soon when Mia comes to know that she will lose the love of her life. Mia thinks she is not enough and considers death as the only way out. Will life give Mia a chance, or will she rest in peace

List Price: $ 18.67 Price: $ 17.80

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Purple Wig Travel Carrying Case - Lightweight and Portable Travelling Box - Zipper Top, Double Stitching - by Adolfo Design

  • PORTABLE PROTECTION: This lightweight travel case features an easy carry handle for you to be able to take it anywhere, anytime, perfect to roll up and put in your suitcase.
  • ELEGANT PROTECTION: Simply place your wig inside this quilted nylon case, and the hard inner plastic wall with double stitching and zipper protect your wig and keep it in tip top shape.
  • EXPANDABLE TOP: Extend the size of your case with one easy step! Easily expand the top of your case to fit any hair piece with the top zipper to create more interior room and space.
  • FIT YOUR WIG: The flexible nylon allows you to squish in any size wig while still retaining its shape. The case is 5" tall and measures 8.5" in diameter, wide enough to place a wig head inside.
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF IN STYLE: Now you can have your favorite stylish wig and wear it too! Whether your wig is curly, wavy, or straight, dark or light this case will keep it in tip-top shape!
A TRENDY ACCESSORYAside from its functionality, this portable wig pouch is also attractive as a carrying accessory. It features durable material with an double zipper feature that allows you to expand the top. The convenient carrying handle makes it easy to tote around.Colors:• Black
• Black Nylon
• Deep Purple
• Forest Green
• SilverFOR ANY OCCASIONBesides being easy to carry and comfortable to use, this carrying case keeps any wig, fall, or hairpiece in tip top shape, eve

List Price: $ 39.95 Price: $ 29.95

Wig Grip Head Band with Velcro Closure, Adjustable Size, Comfortable Wear Without Clips, Black, by Adolfo Designs


Are Christians Wearing Wigs? Wigs Can Kill!

“Wigs can kill!”
In a society where wearing wigs is so prevalent, the author reveals the damages wigs can cause to the unawares. Surprisingly, even Christians are subject to the unfortunately misfortunes caused by wigs.
In this book, you will learn:
•How wigs are cursed
•What the Bible says about cursed objects
•Why Christians should stay away from wigs

In her book, "Are Christians Wearing Wigs? Wigs Can Kill!" Nicole Benoit-Roy shares her story of t


Diy-Wig Beautiful Short Fluffy Full Hair Synthetic Wigs for Elegant Women Over 40 Daily Wear (Light Gold)

Diy-Wig Beautiful Short Fluffy Full Hair Synthetic Wigs for Elegant Women Over 40 Daily Wear (Light Gold)


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