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Precision Tweezers Set, ElleSye 10 PCS ESD Tweezer Set, Anti-Static Stainless Steel Tweezers Non-magnetic Tweezer Set for Craft, Jewelry, Electronics, Laboratory Work, Eyebrow & Ingrown Hair Removal

Precision Tweezers Set, ElleSye 10 PCS ESD Tweezer Set, Anti-Static Stainless Steel Tweezers Kit Curved Tweezers for Craft, Jewelry, Electronics, Laboratory Work

  • 【10 Pairs ESD PRECISION TWEEZERS SET】10 pairs of anti static precision tweezer set, including 1 pair of flat head tweezer, 1 pair of powerful curved tweezer, 3 pairs of curved tips tweezers and 5 pairs of pointy tips tweezers for different purposes.You can use these craft tweezers for craft, jewelry-making, electronics, laboratory work, etc.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL】This craft tweezer set made of high strength stainless steel with anti-static non-magnetic paint on the surface, and acid-base protection. Please put the protective tube back on the sharp tweezers for safe
  • 【ANTI-STATIC NON-MAGNETIC TIPS】Needle fine electronic tweezers tips with non-magnetic coating and high hardness for precise operation like circuit board welding or watch repairing
  • 【ESD SAFE HANDLES】These ESD Tweezers set with ESD (Surface Electrostatic Discharge) finish to protect the components and handles from the damaging effects of static
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】This precision tweezer set particularly suitable for craft,electronics, jewelry, and laboratory work. Every product provides a 45-day money back guarantee & 18-month warranty.Contact us if you have any question.
PERFECT MULTIFUNTIONAL PRECISION TWEEZER SET YOU DESERVE IS OVER HERE! The Versatility of Our Tweezer Set, Ideal for Different Uses---Like: Craft, Jewelry, Electronics, Watch, Medical, Laboratory work and more Curved Tips Tweezers: Used for high precision operation and extraction in narrow space. Flat Head Tips Tweezers: Used for clamping bigger components. Pointy Tips Tweezers: Used for grabbing tiny components for precise work. Acne Tweezers: Used for picking up pimples or to scraping off blac

List Price: $ 29.99 Price: $ 15.59

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I want to start a business selling butt hair wigs. Will it work ?

Question by danieldebear: I want to start a business selling butt hair wigs. Will it work ?
After all no one wants their butt hair and it is soft and has a natural part. I even have a slogan ” If your in a financial rut come on in I will shave your butt”

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if your making azzhats I know plenty who could wear them!

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