?Glue-Less Lace Wig Application: The Elastic Band Method :-)

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16 Responses to ?Glue-Less Lace Wig Application: The Elastic Band Method :-)

  1. BeautyBlood3 says:

    is? there a difference between full lace and whole lace?

  2. SongbirdDiva4Life says:

    no,most lace do not have the adjustable straps. You have to look for the ones that specify that they are glue-less wigs. The glue-less wigs have adjustable straps and wig combs? to help keep them in place :-)

  3. BeautyBlood3 says:

    Do most lace wigs? not have the adjustable straps? I know nothing about wigs :(

  4. Kayonmangement says:

    where do you? get the elastic band?

  5. Alexia Stewart says:

    what are you using to grow your edges back?

  6. trenaud1987 says:

    where? did you get your necklace?

  7. Debra O'Bryant- Haworth says:

    Awesome answer to? a slipping wig problem!! Thanks a lot!

  8. llyykasb1 says:

    Will the wig still remain? secure if I don’t sewn on the comb attachment at the back?

  9. raige73 says:

    You and your husband are such an inspiration for young black couples. May I ask what did you both study in college and what do you? all do for a living?

  10. Kitty Montana says:

    It’s sounds like u have a ton of spit in your mouth?

  11. Melodi Walker says:

    Wonderful video,? thank you!

  12. Sperry411 says:

    thanks so much, pretty n so sweet lady :) first thing i? need to do-place the order at rpg for a wig like yours.

  13. cheriehamilton says:

    How does this method hold up on a? windy day…especially in the front?
    Thanks for sharing! Seems like an awesome method!

  14. amijah2000 says:

    Walmart or craft store like Michael’s? or Joann’s fabric

  15. missezreneee says:

    Where do we find the elastic band from?? ANYONE???

  16. Missbirkin Joseph says:

    Thanks so much ! Am ripping off? did glue on my wig tonite

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