? ?How To: Ombre Technique on a Lace Wig: Do it Yourself? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? READ ME PLEASE: INFO BELOW ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hi Lovelies, I was trying to figure out how to do the Ombre technique on a full lace wig..the easy way..I used L’oreal Preference. Color LB01 ****There are many ways to do this technique..this is my way of doing it*** Here is a link to the color I used: www.drugstore.com You can find the color at your local supermarket, walmart,walgreens, etc… Here is a link to the unit I used in this video: SW061 from BestLaceWigs.com www.youtube.com follow me on twitter: my twitter: twitter.com follow me on my website: www.lovekisses99.com www.facebook.com and www.facebook.com I have full permission to use all songs being played in my videos all which are original work from PhillyzJamPoet. This track is owned by me as a licensed remix to JamPoet’s HandOutstretched

18 thoughts on “? ?How To: Ombre Technique on a Lace Wig: Do it Yourself? ?

  1. Finallyification

    You’re so pretty! You are one of the few women on YouTuube who look better without all the makeup. You look fresh.

  2. jaineblaize

    @lovekisses99 – I heard everything you said on this video, I really did….and it looks great! But why was I getting distracted by how GREAT your skin looks!!?? GURL!!! Shoot! I gotta take my butt to the store! *Blaize marches off to go get some aspirins, aloe vera and honey*
    Ya look good gurl!!!! :-)

  3. lovekisses99

    @DESIRABLEBBW hey sweetheart..no foundation today :-)Boscia moisturizer, I did my brows, a little lashes and clear lipgloss..that’s it? :-)


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