? How I make my U-part wig! ?

? How I make my U-part wig! ?

Follow me on instagram @ hairweavekilla89 This hair is from brown sugar hair co! brownsugarhairco.com Peruvian NATURAL STRAIGHT 26/24/22 Silk base Closure www.bestlacewigs.com Enter my Hairgiveaway: www.youtube.com
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18 thoughts on “? How I make my U-part wig! ?

  1. ebonyervin18

    Hey ivy, when you do a middle part.. do you? still do the front curve laying of the track when you get near the top? Or is that just when u are making a side part upart wig?

  2. TheCraftastical

    I’m so sorry for all of my long comments, but I had to say this…….(clearing throat) Out of all the videos on hair weaves, u part and l part wig tutorials, and sew ins, your videos are the ONLY ones that I truly admire, am obsessed with, and absolutely love, love, love! They are? filled with so much detail and you fill in the blanks for me on all the little things that most women don’t tell you to do when they make these type of tutorials. Thank you for sharing your gift. You are truly blessed

  3. Maygen Leslieann

    thanks for making this tutorial because i loveee how your hair looks alll the time you? are great with hair !!


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