? Install a Lace front wig EASY!!

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22 thoughts on “? Install a Lace front wig EASY!!

  1. DarkSeraphGurl

    To all the people complaining about the price–if the wig is real hair,
    it’s worth every bit of $400.00. Because that thing will last you two
    years if you take care of it. You don’t have to spend $40.00 every other
    month, or every other week on a new wig made of synthetic hair.–Just

  2. Alexis Morto

    Where are you located? I just purchased a new wig and would love if you
    could sew it on for me! Not many people know how to do a good weave in
    their own heads yet alone in somebody else’s but you really talented.?

  3. tierrahopkins310

    Hi Ivy I just came across your video I’m trying to install my own lace
    front wig my question is have you ever sew one on before and if you have
    what are your techniques? ?

  4. anhiiiiiiiii

    oooo I been lookin for this video foreverrrr! I was trying to remember how
    you cut those gorgeous bangs. yassssssss?

  5. Jaida Davis

    Girl I am just trying out Lacefronts for the 1st time in life and your
    technique is so good, and the twist and cut for the layered bangs, on
    point, I found a website http://www.aliexpress.com if you order hair online this
    will save you time and money for lace fronts and sew in weaves as well.
    Indian Remy is the Highest Quality of hair, and 7a is the Highest Grade of
    hair for anyone out there wondering how to get the best hair at bomb ass
    prices that’s the place to go…?

  6. JahKnow1Beauty

    You have real hair for free. I get that you might want to change it up a
    bit to protect your hair and all or have a different look but 400.00
    dollars? You want to give a good review about a wig and encourage people to
    spend 400.00 dollars on fake hair? I just don’t get it. ?

  7. Ayyrae Clif

    this wig looks great!! did you purchase this wig or was it sent to you?
    Which hair company would you suggest purchasing a lace wig from that you
    have personally bought a wig from? ?


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