10+ Must See “See Thru Scalp” Mono Wigs by Godiva’s Secret Wigs!

Meet Danielle, the Vice President of Godiva’s Secret Wigs. We’ve been voted “Best Wigs” for the last 6 years in a row by the Los Angeles Daily News! We havea 3 retail locations in Woodland Hills, Thousand Oaks and Valencia California. For those of you all over the world, we sign up women to sell our wigs and empower others and also have a great website at www.GodivasSecretWigs. On Youtube, there are over 70+ videos of ours with tips, testimonials, style choices and more. Lots of clients take notes on style and color names, then order at our website. We may be coming to a town near you – just subscribe to our website or Facebook page and we’ll get to meet!
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10 thoughts on “10+ Must See “See Thru Scalp” Mono Wigs by Godiva’s Secret Wigs!

  1. GreenishValley9

    Niicce … Actually I noticed that each wig gives a different age look …. And u? look much younger with ur natural hair

  2. GodivasSecretWigs

    Yes! Great suggestion. If you subscribe? to our Godiva’s Secret Wigs Channel, you’ll be sure to see it as soon as we finish it! Thanks…Rochelle

  3. GodivasSecretWigs

    Our stores are in Ca. Ordering online works great for clients. Also,if you find huge women’s expos near you, please let us know & we’ll bring our wigs to sell. Or, find a woman in your community who wants to empower others with our wigs. The income is great, no territories or quotas and it’s a fantastic way to have fun, look great and help others. Check “Sell Our Wigs” on our site or email GSWIgs@yahoo.com for more info on any of this. Thanks!?

  4. GodivasSecretWigs

    How about consider becoming a GS Wig consultant? We plan to be in Houston at The Ultimate Women’s Expo the weekend of 4/19 & 4/20. Come see us! If you sign in at our site, we’ll keep you notified. Or, “like” us on our facebook page, Godiva’s Secret Wigs for upcoming shows and news about us. Thanks and we’d love to see YOU there. Hugs, Rochelle?

  5. GodivasSecretWigs

    We’ve been so busy,? but working on showing many more of our hats and accessories, not to mention new wigs on a regular basis on video. Thanks! Rochelle

  6. GodivasSecretWigs

    I promise to get back to answering your great questions…I”m out to dinner w/ my honey and will sit back down at my desk on Monday…Love your thoughts…ps, glasses are never a problem…I always just graze my glasses against my face and next to the wig – never a problem and I’ve worn them all my life. ? Rochelle

  7. Favorites1633

    Great ! A new video … . I would like to suggest a video with tips about wearing a wig and how the ‘hair’ responds with a winter scarf worn? does it? kind of go “flat”? Do the wigs tend to have more static than real hair? And what problems come about with us that wear glasses all day? What do you do if you get caught in the rain? Thanks!


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