20 + Fantastic Wigs, One After Another at A Godiva’s Secret Wig Party!

To see these styles, and much more, visit our website, www.GodivasSecretWigs.com. And if you have any questions, please call us at (818) 591-0808, Toll Free …
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22 thoughts on “20 + Fantastic Wigs, One After Another at A Godiva’s Secret Wig Party!

  1. GodivasSecretWigs

    @lakegirl645 So glad you enjoyed this video. These bangs on “Harmony”
    haven’t been touched at all. Wigs like Harmony & Carly have shorter bangs
    that work beautifully on most women. So, if you order Harmony, it will look
    exactly as you see on this video. Thanks for watching! (818) 591-0883 for
    more info and store locations. Rochelle

  2. GodivasSecretWigs

    It’s an amazing, passionate business to help empower women in your own
    community with our wigs. The best way to gather more infomation about us is
    at GodivasSecretWigs site. There is a section on the top that says “Sell
    Our Wigs” and you can read and learn more about Godiva’s Secret Wigs. Or
    email GSWIgs@yahoo.com for more info. You can sell our wigs anywhere in the
    world and there is no monthly quota. Consultants that do best simply share
    our product, look great and make great $!! Rochelle

  3. GodivasSecretWigs

    Hi there, we wish you all the best during your chemo and if you haven’t
    yet, feel free to email GSWigs@yahoo.com or phone 818 591-0883. Our Web
    site if on the video and we ship all over the world. PS Louise Hay “You Can
    Heal Your Life” is a fantastic book for anyone, especially anyone going
    thru a life challenge. Big hugs, Rochelle

  4. GodivasSecretWigs

    Our wigs are meant to be freeing and easy. Therefore, when washed or wet,
    each style will dry the way you purchased it – NO ROLLERS, BLOW DRYERS OR
    CURLING IRON needed. HEAT will DAMAGE the fibers. This is one of the best
    parts of our wigs – wash it at night and in the morning it’s ready to go –
    fast and easy with no worries of having to style it. You love them! Rochelle

  5. GodivasSecretWigs

    Yes, now that you’ve seen how “Candice” moves and looks, just go to our
    website and go to “long” wigs. You’ll see Candice in 2 different brown

  6. Marian McAfee

    Thank you. I’m going directly to your website. This was an insightful, well
    thought out video and I’m VERY grateful you took the time to do it.

  7. GodivasSecretWigs

    Great question: Wigs like ours won’t damage your hair because they’re
    “open-wefted”. This provides ventilation so your scalp can “breathe”. I’ve
    been wearing wigs at least 1/2 of every week for over 30 years and my hair
    is less teased, sprayed, colored so it feels better than ever! Give your
    hair a break too.If you have very thin hair at the top of your forehead,
    always use 2 metal clips, so as to not put extra pressure in just one area.
    I suggest not clipping clips too tight on thin hair.

  8. Karen Sanjanwala

    great video — any way we can see the candice in brown in any of these
    videos?? i’ve only seen it in the blonde in most of the ones you’ve posted

  9. GodivasSecretWigs

    Big hugs back to you! Although you can tell I’m a bit of a ham, I am
    passionate about our clients experiencing the freedom and convenience of
    our wigs. It’s just a blast! Husbands and boyfriends enjoy their women
    being a little bold and what a breeze for traveling, last minute plans,
    dressing up, you name it. Hope you’ll watch the other 70+ videos we’ve made
    and enjoy our wigs. PS Our wig consultants sell our wigs in their
    communities all over the country and they make their OWN videos!

  10. GodivasSecretWigs

    You’ve got to check out our video “12 Grey Wigs You’ll Love!”. We totally
    agree with you and now offer longer, layered beautiful grey wigs too! We
    also have a video “5 Grey Colors”. These show you our wonderful grey
    blended color choices offered on at least 12 wig styles. They are below the
    shoulder, beautiful and many other styles. Check our site for more info
    too, but you’ll love these videos. Thanks for watching! Rochelle

  11. GodivasSecretWigs

    Hi, we don’t yet have her on any videos but great suggestion! We will
    definitely try to add her on upcoming videos.


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