A PERFECT INSTALL Yaki Straight Glueless Full Lace Wigs |WowAfrican Hair Review

The hair I received is from http://www.wowafrican.com/ Coupon code:glamfun Discount:, for lace wigs Yaki Straight Indian Remy Hair Glueless Full Lace Wigs…

22 thoughts on “A PERFECT INSTALL Yaki Straight Glueless Full Lace Wigs |WowAfrican Hair Review

  1. Knotty Starr

    I ordered this wig last week! It comes to my doorstep tomorrow & OMG I am
    hyperventilating lol this looks so Damn Good !

    I’ve been waiting for someone to do a review on this unit. You just gave me

    I hope mine looks this good
    I think I’m done lol

  2. LovingKatina

    This wig WOW, makes me want to actually buy a wig. Over the years I have
    experienced the same issues you have had with your hair, severe breakage
    and I’ve learned that when I leave my hair alone it grows. Never tried
    wearing a wig but I think this could be the one. Thanks for sharing. ?

  3. Carelle Manket

    I know you already did a video about how to lay a wig but can you do it
    again with this hair ? It is soooo good !?

  4. Jennifer Ertle

    Cool video, just a question, I noticed that you keep looking away from the
    camera, why? What’s over there??

  5. minimall18

    Dang I don’t even like how straight hair looks on me but you’re making me
    think twice with this wig haha?

  6. Jacoda So Sundry

    I went three years with no wig/weave, and am seriously thinking of
    returning after seeing this. The price isn’t bad at all! I might have to
    buy one of these and have it on standby for those caribbean vacay climates
    LOL! ?

  7. Maa Shelz

    I know you answered on here that the you chose the default lace colour. I
    tried to order one but I have the option to choose and don’t kno which to
    pick. Mine is not default. Help!!! To choose the right colour lace?


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