Actress Countess Vaughn Says Weaves & Wigs Have Caused Her Health To Go Bad!

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13 thoughts on “Actress Countess Vaughn Says Weaves & Wigs Have Caused Her Health To Go Bad!

  1. Chrisdougable

    I think Countess is beautiful! And as beautiful as she is on the outside,
    she is even more beautiful on the inside.,?

  2. Tomeka Haywood

    I am so thankful I have never had to worry about fake hair. I have always
    had a bunch of hair on my head. I also wash it 2 times a week. Never stinks
    I won’t have it.?

  3. Monserate Martel

    I was once in Old Navy and a woman did that “hair flip” thing. I was about
    a half-foot behind her. I got smacked in the face with that nappy shit. It
    felt sharp like razor blades and I wanted to cry. She apologized at least.?

  4. Greenblood60

    What if a booty call called you at 2 in the morning ? LOL, booty calls
    don’t typically come at noon.?

  5. unearthedtruths

    Never liked false hair. Delbert Blair, a meta physician and beloved elder
    states that they are taking human hair from dead bodies now. I just say, if
    you wanna, do it, but I as a black woman never was and never will be an
    advocate for putting wigs, weaves, human, synthetic, or what ever on your
    crown. Your head is precious and this is how the spirit connects with you
    day and night. Like a tree bush or plant your hair grows up and out in a
    spiral to receive the energy from the sun. And to put something on your
    precious transmitter of energy is to say I want to stay deaf dumb blind and
    perverted. Google intentionally compromised 9 ether. If you aren’t pro
    white supremacy.?

  6. ashley coleman

    That is so sad! Little do people know that the chemicals that are put on
    the scalp such as hair glue for extensions as well as perms are just as
    toxic as that McDonalds and other fast food joints that people consume.
    Please take head to the message. Whatever is put on the scalp/skin seeps
    into the blood stream! Lets all be be conscious. Stop eating hormone filled
    meat, stop eating canned veggies, stop putting substances on our body that
    are toxic such as deodorants, lotions, hair glue, perms, etc. Anything that
    isn’t natural , is deadly!?

  7. JohnnyClockdaone

    I hate it when black women say they wear weave for a protective style.
    ..smdh.. Do you black women realize how stupid that sounds??????Black women
    are the only race of women that says and do the dumbest things!?

  8. Jonssyy Jons

    Such a courageous lady to share her story. And such an ignorant fk that
    will be commenting on it. ?


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