Actress Countess Vaughn Says Weaves & Wigs Have Caused Her Health To Go Bad!

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20 thoughts on “Actress Countess Vaughn Says Weaves & Wigs Have Caused Her Health To Go Bad!

  1. super16g123

    watched zack and miri make a porno yesterday and when tisha campbell hit
    the screen this channel was the first thing i thought of. ?

  2. Boobalopbop

    As she is telling this story about how the glue and adhesive ruined her
    skin to the point where she was losing skin under her EYES.. As she showed
    the footage of her putting makeup on to conceal it she was wearing fake
    lashes that require glue! So she still hasn’t learned that that sort of
    chemical is not meant to be used 24/7. I wore fake lashes for my wedding
    and that is it.. I saw the difference in my natural lashes and said never
    again, or just special occasions. But you’d have to be an idiot to think
    putting any type of glue or adhesive on your skin 24/7 not doing damage.?

  3. Samsonite Dread

    When you’re very skin is literally falling off you’re head ,it’s time to
    take the hair hat off.My God black women ,is having long flowing fake hair
    worth your health??

  4. Aeon Flex

    Look at all these monkey sheboon savages defending their low self esteem to
    the last synthetic strand.
    “Just do you…”
    Well, then black men will “just date” natural women. Fair trade.?

  5. 333omega

    What I find the most amusing is that, on Tommy’s lesser known channels, it
    takes no time at all for the trolls to jump on these videos and make their
    stupid comments, not even bothering to address the issues he put forth in
    the video.?

  6. LaCheleWallace

    I actually like her, but she isn’t too bright. She’s been complaining about
    the same thing for years now. She turns around and does the same thing.
    Weaving and gluing those stupid looking wigs and weaves on to her head,
    getting burned (literally) and then doing it over and over again. She’s
    been out of work for years. What’s the need for it? She claims she does it
    for Hollywood, but she hasn’t done anything. People know she bald so common
    sense would tell her to just leave that extra bullcrap alone. Sad thing is
    that her daughter will end up with somebody else’s hair on her head within
    the next 3 years. And she still has a wig on. ?

  7. Natalia Romanova

    I listened to the first minute and sixteen seconds of this until she got to
    front lace wigs and I figured out what her problem was before she said it.
    The glue! Who doesn’t know better? Well evidently her and countless others.
    Personally, I think lace fronts are ugly and unnatural. Weave and wigs have
    been around for centuries so there’s no point in anyone being
    self-righteous and putting down anyone who chooses to wear them. You have
    to keep your hair healthy just as you keep your body healthy – with smart

  8. GGR1972

    Tommy…you’re trying reason with people who, by and large, are too stupid
    to barely exist. Logic is pretty much wasted on them.?

  9. LadyNemesis2007

    I feel sad for her and all the women who must wear this stuff… its sad
    and not be made fun of.?

  10. WayneBrady

    You know whats coming next Tommy…Black women will start filing lawsuits
    against the weave makers and glue companies….somebody gotta be
    responsible for black womens choices….Black women forever the victim,
    it’s always some elses fault?

  11. MellaPearl

    I agree with the video. Very true indeed. However here is a spin to the
    topic I want to point out. When we black women DO embrace our natural hair
    and cut all of the relaxer off and wear it out short, I for one have heard
    several black men laughing and talking about how manly we look with the
    short fro. So my point is in today’s society where we have such shallow
    views on traditional African features in our own culture, we can’t win for
    losing!!! A lot of women I know have gone back to the weaves and wigs
    because they were humiliated for the short hair that is actually growing
    out of their scalp when they attempted to go back to their natural hair. Go
    figure! A lot of women’s self esteem is not strong enough to where they
    just don’t care what people say and wear it short anyway until it grows
    out!!! I know I didn’t care AT ALL and I still wore my fro.?

  12. Deo Mahno

    Them Koreans is fuckin black womens scalp up and getting filthy rich and
    callin em dumb niggas same time…cold blooded shit, all black women should
    just mobilize and get on the same page and boycott weave and these korean
    stores thats pimping them but I KNOW THAT WONT HAPPEN because of black
    women’s disdain for their own physical features and for the fact that by
    doing so it wont result in fucking over a black man. These bitches hate
    each other but will all get on the same page and mobilize and fuck over a
    black man in less than a new york minute!!!?

  13. Deneen Sol

    Folks!!! These people who make this crap don’t care about
    you/me/us!!!???!!! Don’t you realize that they know just how gullible
    you/me/we are? Stop believing everything you
    see/hear/read/eat/smoke/drink/watch/buy when it’s aimed at US!!!!!!!!!!!?

  14. Candyce Michelle

    The problem wasn’t the wig, the problem was her wearing the lace front
    everyday. you can’t wear wigs 24/7. you gotta let your hair breathe and
    continue to take care of your real hair. never put glue or tape on your
    head. I never have. ?

  15. sobroken

    A lot of black females go through this! I have never understood why they
    would want to put glue on there head! I see people do this to there little
    girls! Why? Just leave there hair aalone its not safe!?


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