Affordable Virgin Hair | Aliexpress Vendor | Wo Wigs Co Ltd

AliExpress Vendor: WoWigs Hair Co. Ltd My Hair Brazilian Loose Wave 22″ 24″ 26″ 28″…
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21 thoughts on “Affordable Virgin Hair | Aliexpress Vendor | Wo Wigs Co Ltd

  1. Tish Osbey

    lol girl…SO glad you posted this! I accidentally ordered from them
    thinking it was Queen Weave and was so nervous and was about to cancel.
    Looked this up and saw your review and I am NOT cancelling. Thank you! The
    hair looks absolutely gorgeous on you!?

  2. DaVonda LaShea

    How did the hair smell…i have seen a few reviews saying that the hair has
    a really bad smell.?

  3. Kyla king

    how long do you think you can wear this for? Also, how many pieces did you
    get? Like 2 of 22″, 3 of the 28″? I’m kind of new to the hair life omg?

  4. Shaquirah Jackson

    i ordered on saturday midnight/ sunday at like 1am. will i get it by
    friday? no later than friday?

  5. Alana Mason-Walker

    Do you still feel the same way about this hair now? I’m about to order it,
    but I’m a broke college student so I need all the info lol.?

  6. dollbaby4400

    Thanks so much..You are gorgeous. The hair is beautiful I must check them
    out. tfs. blessings..Doll?

  7. Felicia Johnson

    The hair is gorgeous!! Was there any shedding/tangling?? And did the hair
    flat iron completely straight??


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