Affordable Virgin Malaysian Curly Hair Final Review | Aliexpress Wo Wigs

Hello Dolls, Here is my final review on my Malaysian Curly Hair from Aliexpress.This hair is so beautiful and soft! its perfect for the summer time, very lig…
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21 thoughts on “Affordable Virgin Malaysian Curly Hair Final Review | Aliexpress Wo Wigs

  1. MsCarter90

    This hair is horrible, do not believe the pictures on their site. They send
    good hair to people for reviews and will give you horrible hair. My friend
    and I both received hair mixed with synthetic fibers. It balls up, sheds
    and is almost impossible to comb. I have never received hair this bad. It
    will look great the first week then start becoming more unmanageable by the
    day. I released my payment before I knew they sent me bad hair. Also, the
    owners will be very nice, then blame you for not taking care of the hair
    after or say you want free hair. Save your money ladies!! ?

  2. Daraka Gillespie

    This hair is beautiful and its beautiful on you. I would like to attempt to
    duplicate your look. Do you have a detailed install video??

  3. Jada Kaye

    Love the video!! I ordered after your video and loooove the hair. If you
    have time you can check out my video Aliexpress WoWigs Hair co Unboxing &

  4. Jazmyn Franklin

    Can you tell me what you used to color the hair? I got that you used white
    bleach powder and 40 developer but could not understand what the other
    product was. Also can you clarify what hair you purchased form ALI Express?
    I would like to purchase the hair but there were some reviews that say not
    all the hair is good. ?

  5. MsKerr28

    You mentioned you cut the you think that if i buy all 12 inches I
    would achieve the length you have in the video??

  6. DiamondAriel

    Is wo wigs the same as Rosa hair company because when I click on the link
    in the description box it says Rosa hair?


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