After Show: Wig Cut!

Wendy got a new wig last week, but didn’t love it. Watch as Antwon gives her wig a little cut! Plus, find out what Wendy thought about her interview with Star Jones.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 thoughts on “After Show: Wig Cut!

  1. natethemaneman

    iam sorry but he? was not cuting that wig right???????????? like really the makeup guy knew what to do with her hair more the that guy doing her hair???????????

  2. guamex88

    Wendy you also need to do a session with antwon where he answers viewers questions on does & donts for wigs as well as? any other questions we have about wigs

  3. guamex88

    Wendy you need to make? a contest every few months where a lucky After Show viewer wins a free haircut from Antwon because that man can do some really good hair.

  4. shaliyahsmom

    awww? i like wendy’s personality she blunt and people sometimes may not know how to take that but she really seems sweet and I want that sign “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful” words to live by I love it! Love you Wnedy

  5. Tanukes

    I’m the same way girl, I am out about my wig wearing and that gives me the freedom to wear? what I want when I want! And I don’t care if it looks “wiggy”!!! 😉


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